The GoldenwingsHorseshoe

Discount will be applied to orders of 3 pairs or more.  Orders are based per pair.  Order 3 or more pairs and the cart will apply discount.

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Our original 2018 shoe is being discounted. While supplies last, buy 4 pair and get one FREE.  Includes FREE Shipping.     If more than one size is ordered, you will be contacted to determine what size you desire for your FREE pair.    



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Ordering 4 or more pairs = Golden Ride/ Free Shipping*

*Golden Ride available in 48 contiguous states only.


GoldenWingsHorseshoes are problem solvers!
GOLDENWINGSHORSESHOES have been designed to accommodate the uses that mankind has imposed on the horse. Though the following description of some natural laws may seem odd and inappropriate for the product, I implore you to take a minute to see if it does indeed make sense to you as the future owner of GOLDENWINGSHORSESHOES for your horse. Click here for an explanation on “The Golden Ratio”

*Reduce overall leverage
*Avoid Stone Bruises
*Reduce Coffin Bone Injuries
*Develop Stronger Hoof Walls
*Increase Natural Weight, Shock, and Concussion Distribution
*More evenly distributed Traction
*Allow the Frog to do its job
*Prevent strain on suspensory ligaments,  pasterns, tendons, shins, knees, hocks, stifles, shoulders, hips, and back
*Reduce or eliminate lameness, from the hoof to the spine, less strain means fewer injuries and less lameness.
*Allow the hoof to flex according to the terrain
*Eliminate heavy steel, aluminum and other heavy unbending material that have been used on the horses’ feet to protect them from man’s intervention in their lives.
*Your horses perform with as close a natural hoof as is possible, almost barefoot.
*Shields the sole to provide protection
*Each hoof lands flat or square on the entire hoof area, not just on the outside of the hoof walls as with a rim shoe.
Provides traction to the entire hoof & support to the outside walls of the hoof
Engages the frog with the terrain, to encourage good hoof health, provide cushion upon landing the stride, to provide traction, and pump blood within the hoof and return via the circulatory system connected to the heart.
Much lighter weight than conventional shoes, weighing only slightly more than the hoof wall removed with the trimming to aid in soundness throughout the leg columns and back
Encourages the strength and resilience of the Mustang hoof in all horses
Made in the USA, using molds that produce consistent sizing, uniformity of weight, thickness, nail placement and resiliency
Shoe material is comparable with the consistency of the hoof, flexes with hoof on any terrain, and lands with each stride flat and level