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Any quantity of shoes ordered are sold by pairs.

For you protection we prefer encrypted Credit Card orders online.  Phone orders may be placed at 602.909.3144.

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We do business worldwide on our website or via Amazon.

Shoes shipped USPS PRIORITY MAIL.  Shipping is $10.00 for 3 or less pairs of shoes.  Shipping is FREE for 4 or more pairs in the contiguous United States.  Additional shipping cost for AK and HI, and other countries are added to your order.  

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Last four pairs shipped to Canada USPS charged an additional $26.90 S&H.

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Mule footed horses usually fit better than mules. Several orders have been placed for mules using a larger shoe to gain length and trimming the shoe with nippers & rasp to fit. Mule hoof proportions and horses are different. The experiment has worked well on some mules, not so well on others.


Please check the farrier page.  Easy to install, videos are online for Farriers and Owners.  

Videos online for farriers or owners Shoes are easier to shoe than metal

Any person can read the details watch videos online & apply the shoes.

Important for every horse with any shoes for proper alignment of the foundation for the entire horse, nature gave to each specific horse.

With nippers or rasping only the shoe to fit the hoof.

Mud Nails #5 for additional traction for toe area if needed.

Videos online for farriers or owners Shoes are easier to shoe than metal.


Precise fitting using nippers, or rasping only the shoe, to fit the hoof allows the shoe to be fit perfectly as an extension of the natural hoof

Check online for detailed picture showing the bottom of the hoof with a red arrow across the widest part of the hoof in millimeters or convert inches to millimeters. Following are approximate inches/millimeter conversions.
110 mm = 4 5/16” 115mm =4 1/2” 120 mm = 4 13/16” 125mm=4 7/8” 130mm=5 1/4” 135mm =5 5/16” 140mm=5 ½” or call (602) 909-3144

Shoes are designed to help solve &/or avoid problems on both front &rear hooves, solving problems from sole to spine of your horse

Horseshoe companies or brands use the 00-0-1-2-3-4, etc., for sizing.
Most brands are different measurements; thus, works only for that specific brand. Metric allows precise measurement across all brands sizing differences & as well as internationally. Please see inches to metric chart on the Products Page.  

Our smallest size is 110mm =4 /16” at widest part of the hoof. This shoe can be placed upon a smaller hoof nipping off the excess & rasping only the shoe to fit. The material matches natural hoof thus, can be drilled to guide nails into the shoe without using the holes provided, being careful to observe the correct nail placement based upon the white line limitation..


The holes are designed to lock in #6 City Head.  Recommend #6 Mustad N.A. Clinch blocked firmly into shoe material.  Best Practices - Farriers say "High Nails are Happy Nails."

Yes, Resettable Normally 2+ resets available depending upon terrain

Designed to lock #6 City Head nails into nail holes using clinch block to seat nails firmly into shoe material.  Experiments are currently in progress using VETTEC Super Fast Glue with an update soon on results.  No epoxies to fit.  Only nippers and rasp for a perfect fit.  

Check out the installation videos at Goldenwingshorseshoes.com with shoes removed after 12 weeks due to farrier/owner schedule mix-up, that could have been reset Outlast metal shoes on most terrain.

Shoes stay tight, & tough to remove.  Just as with metal, nails should be clinch blocked firmly into the shoe material, aimed high.  They exit where aimed.  High Nails are Happy Nails.  


We don’t know, nor make any claim regarding Laminitis, Rotation, or Cushings Issues.
Several have ordered to experiment with Laminitis. We’ve asked they give us their assessment and opinion of their merit. None to our knowledge have ordered to experiment with a Cushings horse. Please check out the Testimonials page, for a review from an owner about a Laminitis Horse using Goldenwingshorseshoes and Golden Ratio Measuring and Trimming Protocol for your consideration. She has since using the shoes taken her horse to Barrell Racing Finals in 2 Canadian Provinces.


We don’t know, nor make any claim regarding Navicular Syndrome.
Several have ordered to experiment with Navicular Syndrome. We’ve asked they give us their assessment and opinion of their merit. Please check out the Testimonials page, for a review from a farrier about a Sound Navicular Horse using Goldenwingshorseshoes and Golden Ratio Measuring and Trimming Protocol for your consideration.


Designed to avoid and correct interference problems, these may be helpful if no underlying problems exist.

Golden Ratio Measuring & Trimming Protocol may correct within 2-3, four-week shoeing cycles to allow the adjustment to natures alignment rather than using artificial wedge adjustment.   

They are an extension of natural hoof, trimmed even with the hoof wall

Probably yes, but make take time to get accustomed to sole support

Shoes are a flexible extension similar to flexible natural hoof.

Exposed frogs interact directly with terrain barefoot, non-exposed frogs are considered to interact with shoes padded or a shoe material placed to avoid direct exposure with terrain. Goldenwingshorseshoes.com are designed for frog exposure directly with terrain, while protecting coffin bone, sole, & overall hoof structure with 14 mm of flexible material similar to natural hoof for shock absorption, & traction.  Do NOT over trim or pare frog excessively.  Allow the frog to do its job.  Only remove frayed or jagged pieces if any.  

Shoe is designed similar to feral hoof traveling over hard terrain, when combined with Golden Ratio Measuring & Trimming tends to avoid tendon, suspensory, ligament, & forging issues, as well as align bone structures, helping to quicken & lengthen stride while protecting from sole to spine

Yes, trimmed properly the shoe should be more comfortable than metal


We don’t know. We’ve shipped to Canada without feedback or incident.

Four V-Trak Carbide Nails (2) on each branch front & rear prolong the life of the shoe & work to avoid on cement & asphalt in Arizona, as well as on ice & snow in Pennsylvania

They are far better than metal shoes on cement or asphalt. Four V-Trak Carbide Nails (2) on each branch front & rear prolong the life of the shoe & work to avoid slipping on cement & asphalt in Arizona


We currently haven’t had any feedback.

Golden horseshoe

Are goldenwings put on with nails as a conventional shoe?


Golden horseshoe

What is their longevity when used for say weekly trail riding & grass pastures?

Up to 16 weeks over the rocky stony Sonoran Desert

Golden horseshoe

In other words are they a one time use?

Resets some times several Check out reviews on website as well.

Golden horseshoe

I can see that a farrier that has some knowledge of your shoes would be required to mount them?

Very simple to install, again see reviews & videos on website or here.


Golden horseshoe

Hot shoes last much longer on the horse than cold mounted shoes.

Usually not so, metal installed hot or cold is usually dependent upon the terrain used upon to determine wear
Goldenwingshorseshoes will outwear metal on most terrain, again see installation videos with shoes that were on 12-14 weeks due to mismatched owner/farrier time schedules for shoeing

Golden horseshoe

Obviously yours are cold mounted.

Yes, no forge, anvil, or rounding hammer

Are epoxies (or whatever) used to assure a perfect fit to the hoof?

only rasp, nippers, and driving hammer.

Golden horseshoe

Are there any farriers in Central Alabama you would recommend?

Not at this time to our knowledge, we've just started a Farrier Page
Any competent farrier, & most owners, can install, very simple, see installation videos on website or above at horseflix