Sound from the Ground Up!

The most revolutionary horseshoe design in over 2000 years.

Truth is found when we have the courage to question what we have been taught.”
How are GoldenwingsHorseshoes superior to obsolete shoes past and present?

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide for and preserve the integrity of the entire structure of the horse from the hoof to spine with a new innovative lightweight flexible horseshoe that provides traction without slipping and sole protection, while preventing unnecessary leverage with proper angles. Guidelines for trimming, measuring and fitting that allow the hoof to work as it was designed to do are part of this mission.


  • Reduces overall Leverage
  • Avoids Stone Bruising
  • Reduces Coffin Bone Injuries
  • Assists the Digital Cushion with Shock Absorption
  • Develops Stronger Hoof Walls
  • Increases Natural Weight, Shock and Concussion Distribution
  • Improves Evenly Distributed Traction
  • Allows the Frog to do its Job
  • May Aid in Reducing Shin Splints
  • May Aid in Reducing Navicular Syndrome
  • Reduces or Eliminates Lameness
  • Allows the Hoof to Flex according to the Terrain
  • Provides Traction to the Entire Hoof and Supports the Outside Walls of the Hoof
  • Provides a light weight shoe option that will not break or bend
  • Shields the Sole, providing appropriate Protection
  • Hoofs land Square on the entire Hoof area (unlike a rim shoe that lands on the hoof walls)
  • As Close to a Natural Hoof as Possible
  • Made in the USA, using molds that produce consistent sizing, uniformity of weight, thickness, nail placement and resiliency
  • Shoe material is comparable with the consistency of the hoof, flexes with hoof on any terrain, and lands each stride flat and level
  • Adds Protection for the Deep Flexor Tendon